Align Sales and Product teams on roadmap decisions

Harvestr is a product management platform that connects to your CRM, making it easy for Sales and Product teams to track customer feedback and collaborate on the roadmap.

Trusted by 1000+ fast-growing B2B software companies around the world.

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Stop losing business opportunities

Easily escalate customer feature requests to the product team and closely track business opportunities on the product roadmap.

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Align Sales and Product on roadmap decisions

Inform product decisions with a shared prioritization system that automatically takes into account sales requests and CRM data.

Build a structured yet flexible prioritization process

Harvestr lets you take into account all the criteria that matters to you when you decide what to build next.

By defining your own prioritization system, make sure you always take the right product decisions.

Product management software

Know the roadmap for each customer

Get notified on feature statuses by email and get instant access to a roadmap per customer without even leaving your favorite CRM.

Product management

Delight your customers by closing the loop

In Harvestr, customers and teammates are linked to their feedback and to features they are interested in.

Build and engage a community around your product and show them you are listening by sending personalized product updates.

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